Mark Schreck Concrete Designs is based out of the Pacific Northwest in Mark and Jennifer (and Jason’s) hometown of Olympia, Washington.  He designs and fabricates custom concrete products from countertops to firebowls, tables to sinks and anything you can dream up. Mark Schreck Concrete Designs is a family run business that includes his wife Jennifer, any one of his four kids who want to pitch in, and friend Jason Waters.

Our Story

Mark has always been a handy guy. In 2004 he set out to build his family a home and learned as he went, often reading how to build various aspects of the house in the book section at Home Depot or discussing whatever he was learning at the moment with friends who had also built houses.  Keep in mind this was before google and youtube radically changed the way we research any topic.

Through this process he learned to build stairs, all facets of carpentry, and how to lay wood flooring to meet the hopes of his architecturally astute wife (her words not his). While doing this work he realized his passion for creating something out of nothing with his own pair of hands.

It wasn’t until a close friend asked him to build the display cabinets for her cupcake shop that he had a chance to try his hand at concrete countertops, something he’d been thinking about for years.

Her plan for the shop had been a painted plywood countertop and he talked her into concrete. The countertops in her shop were commented on so frequently that he decided to try to create more and look into training in the craft.

Several years later, he is successfully fabricating beautiful one-of-a-kind custom pieces and enjoying each challenge it brings.

Mark Schreck
Mark SchreckOwner/Craftsman
Mark has extensive experience in all areas of construction, which has lead him to the design and fabrication of concrete products from countertops to tables, chairs to sinks, fire pits to planters.

Mark has trained at the Concrete Countertop Institute in Raleigh, NC with industry leader Jeff Girard learning a superior concrete mix which he has adapted for his own use. He has also studied fabric forming techniques with industry artist and innovator in GFRC, Brandon Gore in Scottsdale, AZ. This was the foundation for Mark’s custom mold fabrication and design for sinks and other projects. He additionally studied furniture fabrication and metal working with renowned concrete artist Cody Carpenter at Plan B Studios in Phoenix, AZ. And lastly, he studied advanced concrete and advanced concrete mold making utilizing fiberglass and rubber molds with Tommy Cook.

Mark continues to push himself with new challenges at every opportunity, honing his techniques to a polished level. His approach is comprehensive and enjoys partnering with each client to design and fabricate their vision.

Jennifer Schreck
Jennifer SchreckShop Helper
Jennifer has a M.S. in Historic Preservation and over 15 years of working with builders in the Pacific Northwest on construction projects ranging from the Union Station Depot and Boeing Wind Tunnel in Seattle to numerous residences and commercial properties in Tacoma, Spokane, Steilacoom, and Lakewood.

Her experience in design and styles spans the spectrum of architectural styles which lends an experienced eye to your project.

Jason Waters
Jason WatersSidekick (his words) and Right Hand Man
Jason brings a variety of experiences to the shop and works hard to bring a new level of organization to the shop. He lends an sharp eye for detail, high level of craftsmanship and experience with metals and propane. His presense in the shop helps bring the business to the next level. And Jennifer is grateful for his help in lifting and flipping pieces getting processed in the shop…

Her experience in design and styles spans the spectrum of architectural styles which lends an experienced eye to your project.

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