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Concrete craftsman specializing in furniture, sinks, countertops, and wall panels.

Recognition from Raleigh North Carolina & Other News

It's always great when someone calls attention to your work.  Especially so when it's an industry leader like The Concrete Countertop Institute.  Thank you for the Facebook shout-out.  We also look forward to being one of the feature students for them. We're working on increasing our presence online and through print media.  We've created a [...]

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Check Out What Remodelista.com Says About Concrete

We love concrete as a material for countertops.  It's always nice to see some coverage by people who are doing the remodeling then take the time to review it for us.  See which material Remodelista.com lists first for their Remodelista Kitchen Countertop Picks... http://www.remodelista.com/posts/10-easy-pieces-remodelistas-kitchen-countertop-picks  

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