It’s always great when someone calls attention to your work.  Especially so when it’s an industry leader like The Concrete Countertop Institute.  Thank you for the Facebook shout-out.  We also look forward to being one of the feature students for them.

We’re working on increasing our presence online and through print media.  We’ve created a Houzz account and have begun adding images.  If anyone would like to provide a review of our work, please feel free to do so.  We’re also working to get some finished photos of some of the projects we installed some time ago, so look for those on Facebook and Houzz.

Also, we’re looking forward to mailing out postcards that we’ve put together to start raising awareness of our products for the contractors and interior designers we’d like to work with.  If you’re interested in getting on our mailing list send Mark an email at

And have a great day!